8-16 June 2019
Pop up green events
across our city

This Oxford Green Week event has already happened. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford Green Week 2019.

Westmill Wind and Solar Farm: Community Open Day

Hear Jonathan Porritt

Stand inside the base of a 50m wind turbine

Walk among 20,000 community-owned solar panels

Make a solar panel and your own paper windmills

Race wind-powered cars

Find inspiration to cut energy bills

Meet the people behind UK community energy successes

Enjoy ice-cream, coffee and chat

Watch five massive turbines spinning in the wind


Download the poster for this event here

Event Information:

Date/Time: Sat 20th June - 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Add to Calendar
Cost: Free
Website: www.WeSET.org
How to Book: Just come along on the day
Contact: alison.grunewald@googlemail.com
Target Audience: The general public and community groups

Westmill Wind & Solar Farm, Watchfield, Between Oxford and Swindon, SN6 8TH

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