16-24 June 2018
Pop up green events
across our city and beyond

This Oxford Green Week event has already happened. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford Green Week 2018.

Street Art and public sculpture’s influence on sustainabilty and climate change : a public exhibition

Street Art and public sculpture installations are hugely influential in social and environmental causes, partly because they are peaceful.  They let you think.

This exhibition shows many examples of large scale works that invite interest and participation.


The artist exhibits in urban and rural public spaces, and at music festivals

Technically, the works explore innovative low-mass, sustainable sculpting methods and bio-based compounds, with lower environmental impact than traditional sculpting techniques.


The sculptures are informed by public reaction, environmental research, archaeology, history of land use, and cave art.  Some of the pieces are previewed at MattSmart.org/sculptures.

The works illustrate relationships between social and personal development, growth, and resourcefulness.

They celebrate the earth and us.



The artist and venue thank the exhibition sponsor for their support of the space and the themes of the sculptures.  The identity of the sponsor will be released nearer the date of the exhibition opening.


There is a competition to give a name to one of the newest works.  It is an honest competition.  If the collective wish is to call it ‘Sculpty McSculptface’ then that is what it will be called.


We look forward to welcoming your eyes and thoughts and hearts.  And smiles

Event Information:

Date/Time: Sat 4th June - Sat 25th June - 12:00 am Add to Calendar
Cost: Free entry to the exhibition, garden and grounds
Website: http://www.turrillsculpturegarden.org.uk/#!friends/c1pig
How to Book: Go there and Enjoy. No booking, no tickets. Saturday 9.00 - 16.30 ; Monday 9.30 - 17.30 ; Tuesday 9.30 - 19.00 ; Wednesday no exhibition ; Thursday 9.30 - 19.00 ; Friday 9.30 - 17.30 ; and Sunday remember the things you have seen. Private view by arrangement with the artist.
Contact: See http://www.turrillsculpturegarden.org.uk/ or contact the artist via www.MattSmart.org
Target Audience: Everyone

Summertown – The Turrill Sculpture Garden

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