8-16 June 2019
Pop up green events
across our city

This Oxford Green Week event has already happened. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford Green Week 2019.

Strawberry Solstice

Bring your children and family for a great day out. Enjoy teas, coffee, home-made pastry, a cup of creamy soups with organic artisan bread rolls and bring a large basket to stock up on your veg and strawberries for the week.

Entry fee is £3.50/person, children under 12 go free. Parking in the Lower Field at Hardwick Estate West Gate, then enjoy a 10-minutes walk along the beautiful plain fields looking to the River Thames.

Event Information:

Date/Time: Sun 21st June - 12:00 am - 4:00 pm Add to Calendar
Cost: 3.50/person
Website: www.tolhurstorganic.co.uk
How to Book: n/a
Contact: Tamara
Target Audience: families

Hardwick Market Gardens, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Reading, RG8 7RA

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