17-25 June 2017
Pop up green events
across our city

This past event was part of LCO Week 2015. Take a look at our 2017 Events to see what's in store for Oxford Green Week 2017.

Strawberry Solstice

Bring your children and family for a great day out. Enjoy teas, coffee, home-made pastry, a cup of creamy soups with organic artisan bread rolls and bring a large basket to stock up on your veg and strawberries for the week.

Entry fee is £3.50/person, children under 12 go free. Parking in the Lower Field at Hardwick Estate West Gate, then enjoy a 10-minutes walk along the beautiful plain fields looking to the River Thames.

Event Information:

Date/Time: Sun 21st June - 12:00 am - 4:00 pm Add to Calendar
Cost: 3.50/person
Website: www.tolhurstorganic.co.uk
How to Book: n/a
Contact: Tamara
Target Audience: families

Hardwick Market Gardens

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