16-24 June 2018
Pop up green events
across our city and beyond

This Oxford Green Week event has already happened. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford Green Week 2018.

Omni-party Oxford City good-bit, bad-bit, future-bit bike ride

Location: Start in city centre, under Carfax clock – promptly so that you can hear the clock chime!

Description: We’ll celebrate how cycling can be a very sociable way to travel.  We’re inviting city and county councillors of all political parties to engage with us gently wending our way together through the centre of town  – dismounted through Queen Street, of course, but that will make a point!  Our itinerary will almost entirely stay away from vehicle-dominated routes.  We’ll highlight some good and some less good bits.  Pause at Frideswide Square/Oxford Rail Station (ponder the very important Future there!).  Then return via a quiet route (nowhere near the dreaded TearDrop junction) along the canal and through Jericho and back routes to Broad Street, finishing outside the new Weston Library.  Prize given to the rider who first spots the new cyclist weathervane during the journey.  Outbound distance: 1.4 km; return distance: 3.3 km.

Event Information:

Date/Time: Fri 10th June - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Add to Calendar

Start in city centre, under Carfax clock, Carfax Tower, Oxford,

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