8-16 June 2019
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This Oxford Green Week event has already happened. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford Green Week 2019.

Green Economics Institute Conference

GEI Conference

We are living in a transition period. What lies ahead for energy, technology, finance and lifestyle?

The Thirteenth Annual Green Economics Institute Conference will focus on how modern economies can arrive at understanding of how achieving a low carbon economic to address climate change touches on global social, economic policy and scientific issues.

This conference calls for a deep  reflection on how this  new situation challenges all historic philosophical schools. This reflection  requires interdisciplinary approaches to develop  completely new thinking, philosophy and economic theory. Furthermore current investment patterns,  human ‘civilisation,’ global sustainability, planetary survivability absolutely now must comprise  an utterly new paradigm. In order to build the foundations of the relisient, economy which can cope with the challenge of threatened 6th ever mass extinction, our new  must be inclusive, secure, and able to support all life on earth, all species and all nations and provide the necessary resources for social and environmental justice. It must be an economy of caring, sharing and supporting each other. It must also now respect planetary boundaries, carrying capacities, habitat requirements of species and need for planetary systems to survive in a format which can support humans and their economy.


Event Information:

Date/Time: Sat 16th June - Mon 18th June - 10:00 am - 11:00 pm Add to Calendar
Cost: £170-£190 plus booking fee
Website: www.geiconferences.org
How to Book: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/13th-annual-green-economics-institute-green-economics-conference-tickets-45430572064
Contact: info@geiconferences.org

St Hugh’s College, Saint Margaret's Road, Oxford, OX2 6LE

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